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Z uzia is really multi-talented: a Japanese language specialist and a keen psychologist in one. Definitely, she has the best handle on the initial design phase that looks more like jigsaw with details and complexities.. Rafał is a keen city planner, just born to devise optimal schedules and itineraries so that our games make best use of time and content. Konrad in turn will incessantly search for new inspiring locations, sceneries and characters to fill body of the game with spirit of place. Paulina is then digging into social media and local communities in her quest for unique and authentic flavours of today’s Poland in our games. Our permanent office team cooperate with more than 20 professional and passionate guides, explorers, actors and animators just ready to take up new challenge, this time with your game scenario!


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Most of our clients are private companies, public institutions and event agencies from around the world.

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