Embark on an unforgettable journey back to the beginnings of Poland over 1000 years ago. The cradle of Polish statehood and capital of its oldest region is still the most western city of Poland, not only in terms of its geographical location...

Try delicious local croissants and meet a brewer, who will get you familiar with the 700 year beer tradition of Poznań! Learn why legendary goats still fight each other every day and find secret meaning of the city hall’s ornate façade.


"Discover the Cradle of Poland"


A ctive and authentic way of integrating your staff or friends through our original scenario of activities and tasks in the capital of Wielkopolska region. Following the route indicated on retro style game cards and maps, teams will meet some historic and legendary characters of Poznań. This is the best opportunity of discovering distinct mentality of Western Poland, its culinary delicacies, and dialect reflecting strong German influences.

History of Poznań is a myriad of old, exciting legends dating back to beginnings of Poland and its first dynasty Piast, more than 1000 years ago... Let us fascinate your guests with many faces of Poznań through a range of interesting tasks and activities. Join us for true and exciting adventure in the most western city of Poland!

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