Discover Katowice where the heart of industrial Silesia beats. The city dubbed “Polish Chicago” for its diverse modernist architecture got sacrificed for Stalin as “Stalinogród” (the city of Stalin) in the communist times.


Get into old coal miners’ settlements to understand local lifestyles and taste traditional dishes based on cabbage. You will learn Silesian tongue twisters and dance famous Trojak! Katowice will enchant you with Silesian contrasts and vitality!


"Discover the Polish Empire of Coal"


A ctive and authentic way of integrating your staff or friends through our original scenario of activities and tasks in heart of highly industrialized Upper Silesia region. Following the route indicated on retro style game cards and maps, teams will meet some authentic and legendary characters of the city. This is the best opportunity of discovering historic and architectural heritage of Katowice, its culinary delicacies and industrial character. Let us fascinate your guests with artistic and vibrant energy of modern Katowice through a range of interesting tasks and activities. Join us for true and exciting adventure in the heart of most industrialized region of Poland!

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