Łódź is the third largest city of Poland. The “Promised Land” of Polish Industrial Revolution, national mekkah of filmmakers and designers dubbed the “Polish Holywood” lies in the very heart of Europe.

Embark on Łódź (literally „Boat”) for a fabulous cruise across the ocean of the city’s contrasts and 4 cultures - discover how Poles, Jews, Germans and Russians created the unique flair of Łódź.



Łódź is the 3rd largest city in Poland, and no doubt the most specific one! Dubbed ‘the Polish Manchester’ or ‘Polish Hollywood’, Łódź will enchant you with its 19th century industrial flair and thriving art spirit.

On your way legendary characters and icons of industrial architecture in Poland. However your experience will be complete only when you touch fascinating relics of the 4 cultures that created the Promised Land of Central Europe 200 years ago!

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"Get into Łódź"


D Active and authentic way of integrating your staff or friends through our original scenario of activities and tasks in the most industrial city of Poland. Following the route indicated on retro style game cards and maps, teams will meet some authentic and legendary characters of the city. This is the best opportunity of discovering historic and architectural heritage of Łódź, its culinary delicacies and cosmopolitan character resulting from influences of 4 different cultures.

Let us fascinate your guests with artistic and vibrant energy of modern Łódź through a range of interesting tasks and activities. Join us for true and exciting adventure in the third largest city of Poland!

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